Monday, May 19, 2008

㊣ Our reflections on the Mindmeister Map (Mind Map)

Web 2.0 appears to be a web platform for the new era. One of the most powerful tools, we believe, is the Mindmeister Map (Mind Map), which enables 4-6 members of a team to brainstorm together on a particular subject. Members can add on their ideas from time to time provided that they share the same account. This can help to shorten the time to get access to individual websites and get related information for discussion using former Web 1.0 concept(s) whereby individual members should first of all establish individual websites. Furthermore, blog experience is another typical example for on-line web platform. The Mindmeister Map is also fantastic for discussion on a bundle of creative ideas in the golden days of quality control circle (QCC) presentation which can be modified as project work discussion and/ or presentation. After practising several times, we are fond of the usage/ application. With cautious planning, the application of this tool for monitoring the ideas flow and their consolidation in groups of students ranging from 4 to 6 members is practicable.
Maybe it is the right time for us to plan for the application/ integration of such tool in the new school term 2008-09.

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